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Building the 1BIT Multitap Delay by FEEDBACK Modules

Loving this PCB set. The module itself is a really characterful, dirty, noisy replication of early digital delay designs. The ENIG panel design with the exposed copper looks really good too.

It’s a (long) through-hole only build, with three sandwiched PCBS, but the build guide is very easy to follow, and there are completely documented schematics, which always make troubleshooting much less of a headache.

Some calibration is needed, but it’s really straightforward.

Almost worked first time – somehow I’d managed to fit a TL072 instead of a TL071, but it was easy to track down the problem.

The RAM chips used are quite obsolete now – there are duff copies flying around, so be careful. I got mine from an old 8-bit computer specialist – – no problems at all, so worth a shot if you’re in the UK.

You can buy them from Feedback Modules directly as well.

Take care handling the RAM as it’s meant to be very static sensitive.