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2hp buffered multiple (finished)

Like the title suggests, this is a really simple Eurorack utility module in 2hp.


Not much to say about this, it’s just a buffered mult to fill a couple of 2hp spaces. Couldn’t work out a way to lay the Thonkiconn jacks back to back so that they share a ground pin to save space, so I made a new footprint.

Main board

Might have been able to do this as a single board by using wide body op amps like the TL072PWR, and placing the jacks in the middle of the footprints, but seeing as everyone seems to be sold out of those anyway, I just went for the super common SOICs and used two board sandwich design.

Jacks board

There was no room for a standoff/spacer without sacrificing one of the outputs – so there are two compromises:

Either (my preferred method) solder the double pin header connector directly to the jacks board like this:

…or put the caps on the other side of the board and glue a spacer to one side of the board sandwich.

If you want to make one or modify it, the project files and gerbers are here.

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