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H Block – linear bipolar Eurorack PSU (part two)

Large Eurorack power supply

Part one here.

I underestimated how long the wiring on this project would take. Using crimped connectors to connect the busboard and PSUs meant making each cable by hand – and there were a lot of them.

Happily though, it does what I wanted it to do – enough power for the whole 24u case, using only linear power supplies.

I wanted to allow 1.5A for each 168hp. Each one has a PSU with a maximum current draw of 2A possible on the 12v rail, so it can provide 1.5A running comfortably at 75% with the heatsinks chosen.

Eurorack PSUs

There are nine PSUs in total, as the first 168hp has two PSUs for 3A on the 12v rail, for the power hungry modules.

Eurorack busboards

There are sixteen of these busboards, two per strip. Each PSU has two lots of +12v, -12v and ground connections, and a 12v AC parallel connection to chain two PSUs to one 5A transformer.

This is the end result.

I’m uploading the schematics and gerber files for this power supply later this week, after I’ve finished soak testing it.