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DIY Mutable instruments Blinds

Mutable instruments Blinds DIY

Just finished a DIY mutable instruments Blinds.

Blinds is a voltage controlled four quadrant multiplier – like a VCA but it can invert the signal, not just attenuate it – so it can be a ring modulator, etc.

Not a difficult build – no fine pitch ICs, somewhat dense 0603 in places but nothing overly tricksy. Worked first time.

Mutable instruments Blinds DIY

If you’re building one, here are some observations:

  • The 3mm LEDS go short leg to the left, and the 5mm LEDs go short leg to the right. Use masking tape to hold them in place while you solder.
  • There are two resistors listed as “DNP” in the BOM. If you’ve not come across that before, it means “do not place” – just leave them out.
  • It’s worth testing the inputs and outputs with just one terminal soldered initially. If you’ve screwed anything up, this board would be quite tricky to tweak afterwards with all the jacks and pots in place.
Mutable instruments Blinds DIY

Here’s the iBOM I made from the EAGLE PCB file.

PCB: Mutated “Blinding” – Pusherman

Panel: Mutated Blinds: Pusherman

The two 2164 ICs required are also available from Thonk or Pusherman.

Mutable instruments Blinds DIY