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Frequency Central’s High Towers

Frequency Central's High Towers

Frequency Central’s High Towers is a voltage controlled clock divider. With one clock in, you get four independent clock outs, with voltage control over the clock divisions, count up/down modes, and some preset divisions – again under voltage control.

It’s a logical progression from their more straightforward – and now discontinued – “Pocket calculator” module, which I built a while back. As I can’t seem to patch anything without using clock dividers, I had to build one of these.

Frequency Central's High Towers

The PCB comes with a pre-programmed PIC, and the rest of the BOM apart from the tact switches I already had to hand. Build-wise, it’s totally straightforward, well spaced out, easy through-hole build.

Aside from the usual “make sure the ICs, transistors and electrolytics are the right way round & fit the pots and jacks to the panel before you solder them in” sort of advice, the only thing of note is that the buttons of the tactile switches in the BOM don’t reach through the panel if you push them all the way into the board. Solder them in place before you solder in the jacks below, standing in the PCB mounting holes, and they’re tall enough.

Frequency Central's High Towers