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Star trails – a gated “effects send” loop for Eurorack (finished)

Say you’ve got a bassline or a lead line, and rather than muddy it up by adding delay to the whole thing, you just want to put some dubby echos on one or two notes.

Think of it like this…this…this…this…

Rather than this…rather than this…rather than this.

Usually, it’s either effect the whole thing or nothing. You can’t just gate the delay, as the delayed notes need to ring out until the feedback is done.

You could use a mult, duplicate the audio, send it to the effects via a VCA, send a gate to the VCA, and mix the returning audio and the original audio with a mixer – or you could use the simple 4hp eurorack module to do it for you.

Rear of main board

Star Trails duplicates the audio, sends it through a vactrol out of the module, through and effect of your choosing, and back into the module to be mixed with the original audio.

In a nutshell, it’s a gated send/return loop.

Jacks & pots board

There’s a manual gate button – plugging in a gate signal (5v high, 0v low but overvoltage tolerant) overrides this. An LED indicates when the gate is open. There’s a switch for the L & R channels to invert the phase of the returned audio.

Finally there’s a blend pot to mix in the dry signal with the wet.

This is a 99% through hole build, with a handful of 0603 caps thrown in. Gerbers, KiCad project files, and hopefully a demo video to follow shortly.

Main board


  1. Hi! Found your site by searching for a MIDI Muso CV-12 eurorack adapter, but you’ve got a lot of great stuff here! This one is a sure-fire build for me, looking forward to the release of the files when you’re ready 🙂

  2. doctea

    ..and, having looked more closely at some of your PCB screenshots, I must say that your work here is definitely worthy of laudation!

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