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Levels – a simple Line/instrument to Eurorack level converter (finished)

This 4hp Eurorack module does the unexciting but sometimes necessary job of converting Line level (1v-ish p2p) or Instrument (100mv p2p) signals to Eurorack level (10v p2p) and vice versa.

Main board

This is a 99% through-hole build with a handful of 0603 capacitors.

There are two channels for dual mono or stereo.

Line to Euro is simply an non-inverting op-amp with gain controlled by resistors connected by the line/instrument toggle switches. Euro to line is an attenuator made out of the resistor voltage dividers formed by R4 and R5 (Left) and R2 and R3 (Right).

Jacks board

Want to make one, or modify it yourself? The gerbers and KiCad files are here.

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