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MI Peaks build

Peaks is a dual channel multifunction module – it can be an ADSR, a clockable LFO, or a bass drum/snare drum.

It’s a nice easy build with relatively few components. It’s 0603 but the ARM processor isn’t as fine pitched as some of the other MI modules, and it’s a great next step up from an 0805 build or something like MI Ripples.

As per usual, I built this in three stages: ICs and semiconductors, then resistors and capacitors, using a hot air gun (340 degrees on low air flow) and then the through-hole components with a chisel tip iron.

I’m waiting for an JLC order of 5 PCBs of a CV-able version which will be even more useful.

Nothing to report on this as it worked first time. Panel from and panel from

Time to clean the antistatic mat, though.