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Noise v2 – White, pink & infra-red noise with Electric Druid Noise 1B

The first module I made in KiCad, back in January this year, was a simplified version of the schematic in the Noise 1B datasheet, leaving out the infra-red.

I’ve reworked it in this version, this time including the infra-red, and with a tweak on a couple of the component values.

With 1 meg resistors for R13 and R14, as per the datasheet, the infrared output was about 200mv peak to peak. With 44k for R13 and 1K for R14, we get a standard +/-5v eurorack control voltage (the infra-red output is CV, not audio).

It works, but I won’t be putting the files up for this yet because the design is too busy, and needs building in a specific order, so I’ll re-work it and put some of the components onto the jacks PCB or make the whole thing SMD.