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Spin doctor – SPIN FV1 based Eurorack effects module (work in progress)

A Eurorack effects module based on the SPIN FV1 chip and Hagiwo’s arduino code for OLED display, CV to PWM, and EEPROM interfacing.

I’ve added eurorack standard bipolar +/-5v control voltage inputs, overvoltage protections etc, and changed a few things.

A couple of errors made it through to the V.0.1 PCBs. Debugging “sandwich” PCB designs (where one PCB holds the jacks and pots, and the other/s are the main board etc) means using male to female dupont cables to be able to probe the boards to diagnose – as can be seen in the photo.

Update in due course once I have the v.0.2 boards back from JLCPCB, and project files and gerbers to follow once I have a fully working version ready.

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