Music and Synth DIY

Eurorack, Music

The glow in the dark pop-up book of the void calling

Generative drone/ambient Eurorack piece recorded and mixed live.

DIY modules: TIRNS edgecutter, MI TIDES Mk1 with Sheep firmware, 10x homebrew LFO based on TAPLFO3 pic, Typhoon, Clouds, modified Picoverb, 4 Kassutronics 3340 oscillators, 2 x MI plaits, turing machine, Ornament & crime running Hemisphere ASR shift register, FC status leak, ST tryfelo LFO, FC continuum phaser, Clee Bits, MTM spring reverb, Polivoks VCF, Kassutronics Ladder filter, FC pocket calculator, various mixers, VCAs and ADSRs.

Factory modules: Harmonaig quantiser, 1010 Bitbox micro (piano sample)