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Unpacking 0603/0805 etc passives from cut strips

If you do any SMD synth DIY work, you’re going to have to unpack tiny components from cut strips.

In doing so, you’re also going to experience pinging them across the room by mistake, never finding them again, and having to wait for another Mouser order before you can finish your build.

I have no idea how other people do this but here’s what works for me: hold the strip firmly with the tip of a finger, and slide one side of your SMD tweezers under the plastic film, then slide from the middle, to the right hand side.

Then lift the remaining film off with the tweezers, still holding the strip with your fingertip. Grasp the strip with the tweezers and SLOWLY turn it upside down.

Hope that helps someone, because finding these little bastards is impossible.